Week 1 Recap

Mike the Ace and D.K. roll out our 2020-2021 NFL Season Weekly recap with their reviews of two games in the opening week of the season.

The 2020-2021 NFL Season finally kicked off after an offseason filled with uncertainty due to the current worldwide pandemic. While having football return brought back a sense of normality, things weren’t exactly back to normal as many teams played without fans in the stadium. The noise was authentic, but it was not live as it was prerecorded fans from previous games. Nonetheless, the NFL is back and the TFINS team is here to bring you a quick recap of a couple games in Week 1 of the 2020-2021 NFL Season.

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Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Football Team (17-27)

Mike the Ace @TheAceWriter

I know you all want to get my take on this game, so here you go. The Eagles played a good offensive game for almost two full quarters. One good half of football usually won’t cut it in the NFL, and it didn’t on Sunday against Washington.

Carson Wentz got off to an incredible start, completing 14 of 17 passes, for 182 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Right before halftime, Wentz and the Eagles’ offense completely unraveled. The Eagles QB would finish the rest of the game going 10 of 25, for 88 yards, with 2 interceptions.

Wentz and Pederson had one of their worst halves together on Sunday. With a series of injuries along the offensive line, Pederson continued to call deep shot plays, looking for big yardage down the field. These types of plays genuinely take a long time to develop, and that worked perfectly for Washington’s defense.

Washington’s defense dominated the Eagles beat up offense, sacking Wentz 8 times on Sunday. Chase Young and Washington’s defensive line will be one of the league’s best units, if they can stay healthy. The secondary was also a pleasant surprise for DC, as both interceptions were great plays by their defensive backs.

Pederson will have to slow down with the deep shots until the Eagles get better play out of their offensive line. It was surprising to see him so hell-bent on launching it deep, especially when the Eagles rarely took deep shots last year. This offense will welcome the return of runningback Miles Sanders and offensive tackle Lane Johnson, if they are able to play next week.

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Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos (16-14)
DK @Ayeyoo_biggs

The score is not indicative of what happened on Monday night. The Tennessee Titans played like the superior team but special teams and new Kicker Stephon Gostkowski left 10 points on the field by going 1 for 4 in field goals and missing an extra point. This was an issue for Tennessee last year, who had the worst kicking core in the league going 44% as a team using four kickers. This needs to be addressed in the next few weeks, or we can’t take the Titans seriously as a contender. 

Drew Lock went 22/33 with 216 yards and a touchdown. I really like how they used play action and rollouts to get him moving. It seems like it allowed him to get into a better flow in this game. The two headed monster of Phillip Lindsey and Melvin Gordon got off to a good start until Lindsey sustained an injury in the first half. This led to Gordon taking over in the second half and having a decent showing having 78 yards but also had a costly fumble early in the game (which led to a Derrick Henry touchdown). 

Ryan Tannehill also has a good game going 29/43 for 249 yards and two touchdowns. He made plays when they needed to happen at the end of the game to seal the victory. Derrick Henry added 131 all purpose yards and assisted with clock management in the game winning drive. He and Tannehill have and will continue to use the play action/ running game to file the Titans offense this season. 

Another interesting storyline in the game was Denver head coach Vic Fangio not using any of the team’s timesouts as the Titans ran the ball, and ran the clock on the final drive. The Titans, down two, had 3:05 left on the clock. The Titans proceeded to go on a 12 play 83 yard drive and Fangio did nothing to stop the clock, so just in case the opposing offense scored (which they did), you’d give your team a chance to move the ball down the field. After the made field goal by Gostkowski, Drew Lock and the offense only had 00:17 left on the clock to move the ball into field goal range. 

Denver young core looks like a very fun team to watch going forward. Drew lock will have to continue learning and developing his game and reading coverages, he left a few plays on the field that could have helped them increase the lead at the end of the game and halt the comeback. The Titans look like they are building on what they did last year: run Derrick Henry and allow Tannehill to work off of the play action. With these two, along with a stout looking defense with Jadeveon Clowney being added into the mix, they are looking to make another deep run this year.


Quick Profile: DK Metcalf

Michael Lipscomb

D.K. Metcalf – Ole Miss University, Wide Receiver

6’3″ 228 Pounds
Classification: Redshirt Sophomore (Junior)
High School: Oxford High School, Oxford, MS

2018 Stats – 26 catches 569 yards 5 touchdowns, 21.9 yards per catch
2017 Stats – 39 catches 646 yards 7 touchdowns, 16.6 yards per catch

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Twitter: @dkmetcalf14 Instagram: dk_metcalf14

D.K. Metcalf is THE big time Wide Receiver prospect in this draft class. Standing at about 6’3”, 230 lbs, Metcalf ran a blazing 4.33 40 yard dash at the NFL combine. That rare combination of size and speed does not come around often. This Receiver has the God-given ability to be a game breaker in the league. The major concerns with Metcalf are centered around his route running ability and injury history. Despite doing well in the 40 yard dash, broad jump and bench press, Metcalf struggled with low times in the short shuttle and 3-Cone drills at the Combine. The latter drills tend to reflect quickness and the ability to change direction sharply. Metcalf showed significant improvement on his short shuttle and 3-cone drill at his Pro-Day, but there are still plenty of question marks concerning his quickness. When you turn on the tape, the deep threat ability is unmatched. Metcalf averaged a superb 21.9 yards per catch in his 2018 season. This man was a walking highlight reel on the collegiate level. Metcalf is a very interesting prospect with as much upside as any player in this draft. The boom or bust risk can be a dream or a nightmare for respective GM’s. Who’s going to take the chance on this Ole Miss product?

My Take:

Metcalf has superstar written all over him. Players like him do not come around often. He stretches the field vertically, is strong enough to complete catches over the middle, and shows excellent ‘run after the catch’ ability on screen plays. He utilizes his size well and is not afraid of contact. Metcalf also showed great effort and technique as a blocker which matters in the NFL. If he can stay healthy and find a way to develop as a route runner, he will be a problem for any DB he lines up against. My biggest issue with Metcalf is the occasional mental lapse that I catch on film. He struggles with drops on routine (easier) catches, at times. There are also plays where he doesn’t keep his feet in-bounds to complete catches near the sideline. Metcalf’s route running is concerning as well. Wide Receivers as big and strong as Metcalf tend to have trouble sinking their hips to explode in and out of cuts. Hip flexibility is a crucial aspect of football, and especially important for receivers. The truly dominant Wide Receivers find a way to make it work, and Metcalf will have to be thorough in his commitment to becoming a proficient route runner at the next level. Another area that could improve for Metcalf is with his releases off the line of scrimmage. He has some releases that are fantastic while others are subpar. The injury concerns may be a bit overblown in my opinion. He suffered from two big injuries, opposed to multiple recurring injuries. Metcalf suffered a foot injury his freshman year that led to his redshirt after just two games. The star WR was healthy for all of the 2017 season and played in every game. His play was tremendous for his 7 games in 2018, until a neck strain cut his season short. From a coaching perspective, I would be drafting Metcalf as an offensive weapon and deep threat opposed to a true Number 1 receiver. If Metcalf clicks on the outside and can run the entire route tree? Great. If he can’t, you could still be looking at a big play target, deep down the field. I think he will find his stride at Wide Receiver, but teams looking for an opening day starter on the outside should be VERY careful. Metcalf could go anywhere from pick 7, to pick 25 in this year’s NFL Draft.

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